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Manchester police warn those using social media to incite violence “we will be knocking on your door”

Greater Manchester Police has warned on Twitter that those using social media to incite violence can expect a visit from a police officer.

The tweet, sent out at about 11pm last night, warned “If you have been using social networking sites to incite disorder, expect us to come knocking on your door very soon”.

Greater Manchester Police told the Drum that they only know of one man so far who has been arrested on suspicion of this charge: a man from Wigan. 113 people were arrested in total for rioting in Manchester last night, either on suspicion of criminal damage or for public order offences.

Garry Shewan, assistant chief constable said: “Last night's shameful destruction saw some of the worst scenes I have ever witnessed as a police officer.

“What we have seen are serious and unprecedented levels of violence and criminality on Greater Manchester's streets. These are shameful actions from criminals who have attacked our cities.

“Make no mistake - these people cannot hide behind any kind of political or moral banner to justify their actions. They are opportunists who have no respect for the law or our fine city.

“They appear to have seen the chance to get away with criminal behaviour on a grand scale but I can assure them they will not get away with this.

“We know who you are and we are coming to get you.”

Greater Manchester Police has said that they are using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to identify people who were captured rioting on CCTV cameras. It was reported on the police Twitter feed that one man handed himself in after seeing a picture of himself looting on Facebook.

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