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CIA forms WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF)

The CIA has formed a WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF) to assess the fall out from the ongoing release of formerly secret diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, an apparently intentional acronym that reflects a growing sense of umbrage within the American political establishment.

Thus far only a few CIA files have found there way onto the whistle blowing site, none of which have divulged anything critical on CIA employees or operations. This is because the CIA refused to take part in the information sharing service SIPRNET, source of the WikiLeaks cables.

Instead the agency uses its own systems which flag administrators when large quantities of information are downloaded and most terminals are not equipped to accept removable drives.

Envisioning what the consequences of such an attempt might be one CIA official joked: “There would probably be a little trap door under my chair.”

Nevertheless the agency fears that any loss in confidence in the US’s ability to keep mum on secrets could hit the recruitment of informants, prompting the review of all foreign relationships and operations.