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PPA Scotland judges laud Urban Realm at magazine awards

Urban Realm, sister title to The Drum, has earned generous praise from PPA Scotland and its judging panel. Here the PPA explains its unanimous decision to award the publication the prestigious Magazine of the Year accolade.

Kathy Crawford, business manager for PPA Scotland, said: “The magazine of the year 2010 is a remarkable publication. It is a really beautiful jewel of a magazine, the judges had no problems at all in selecting this as the winning title. It is a truly fabulous magazine which is fairly young but shows great design, fantastic photography and wonderful stories.”

Sally Cartwright, one of the judges, added: “This winning title sets a high benchmark of excellence within the challenging economic times for the magazine industry. I am delighted to announce that the judges, after a 2 hour battle, unanimously agreed that the award for the best Scottish Magazine of the Year 2010 goes to Urban Realm.”

Publisher Gordon Young said: “I know for a fact that when I’m lying on my deathbed, hopefully a long time from now, I will look at some of the things we’ve written about and regard them as some of the most important things that we have achieved.”

Urban Realm was originally designed by Stand.

To celebrate this win Carnyx is giving away a limited number of copies of the most recent issue of Urban Realm. To claim yours simply send your request to and we'll do the rest.

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