By The Drum Team | Editorial

November 19, 2010 | 1 min read

Broadening the sex sells theme to the virgin territory of party political broadcasts Spanish politicians of all persuasions are seeking to entice voters with a series of raunchy promotions.

Leading the fray is Spain’s ruling Socialist Party which has sexed up the act of voting for a short film, Voting is a Pleasure.

It features an increasingly excited brunette moving through the process of casting her vote as the video reaches its climax, an orgasm as she slides her ballot into the box.

Not to be outdone the Socialists wily competitors are also getting in on the action with one Alternative Government party candidate baring all in an appeal to voters from behind nothing more than a towel.

Some politicians are seeking professional advice however, the Solidaritat Catalunya party has enlisted the services of porn star Maria Lapiedra to campaign for the party.

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