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Libel law in the dock over ‘Boob Job’ controversy

Rodial Ltd, manufacturer of ‘Boob Job', a product which purports to enlarge breasts upon application, is threatening a leading plastic surgeon with libel action after she expressed big doubts about the enhancement cream.

Dalia Nield of the London Clinic wrote in the Daily Mail that it was “highly unlikely” that the £125, 100ml pot could boost breast sizes by the claimed 2.5cm by blocking fat cells in the areas of the body upon which it is applied.

Despite this controversy the lotion remains on sale from High Street retailers, including John Lewis and the company claims to have given many customers a lift.

Susie Banister wrote on their site: “After just 4 days of using Boob Job, I have definitely noticed a difference! My bra feels tighter, and my bust seems much firmer! I know longer need to use my chicken fillets!!"

Nield is the latest in a line of doctors and scientists to fall foul of the lawyers after speaking out on public health issues, most notably Simon Singh who recently won a libel appeal after criticising the lack of evidence for chiropractic treatment of some infant disorders.

It is feared professionals will be cowed into silence by the fear of costly legal tussles.