International Beverage to launch Caorunn, featuring Navyblue designed brand

International Beverage is to launch a new Scottish gin in August, having appointed Navyblue to develop the brand strategy, packaging and guidelines for Caorunn.

The brand, which takes its name from the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry, will be targeted at the urban professional marketing.

Navyblue was tasked with producing a distinctive, memorable brand story, look and feel to create standout in an already crowded market.

The agency also produced the identity, positioning and packaging.

The agency chose to develop the brand around the notion of ‘natural balance’.

Jonathan Gibson, brand strategist at Navyblue, explained: “As the only gin on the market to be produced within a working single malt whisky distillery, we wanted to leverage all of the positive associations that the single malt market brings to build a brand based around provenance, purity, process, heritage, craft and patience, yet which clearly looked and felt within category. The Celtic essence we’ve used in the product-naming and on-pack brand language reiterate the roots of the product and provide a link back to another way of life; one that is less forced and more aligned with nature. It’s a world apart from the day-to-day lives of our target audience but no less dramatic or engaging.”

Donna Hainan, senior designer at Navyblue, continued: “We were determined to give Caorunn a sense of heritage and provenance and strong reference to the fact that it’s a Scottish gin. The packaging design has been influenced by Scottish art nouveau motifs, which in turn referenced Celtic knots. Each side of the pentagonal shaped bottle represents one of the key Celtic botanical ingredients. We have threaded this through to the five-pointed asterisk, which is influenced by the base of the red Rowan berry.”

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