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Weekly Wrap - Nick Fairburn, Factor 3

Nick Fairburn, co-owner and client services director at Cheltenham based advertising agency, Factor 3 discusses campaigns and politics ahead of the European Parliamentary Elections.

So why all the enthusiasm?

Perhaps it’s a uniquely British trait but what with all that’s going on in the world at the moment – or perhaps because of it – these 89 souls have still found the time, desire and single-minded commitment to stand up and campaign in the unshakable belief that their brand of politics and theirs alone, can provide the remedy to the perceived ills of today. They believe they can win. That strength of character and persistence has to be applauded, even if some of the individual parties are not to your political taste.

And how does one choose? I’ll bet there aren’t cavernous differences between some of the parties involved; UKIP, NO2EU and UK FIRST for example would, to the untrained eye, seem to be singing from uncannily similar hymn sheets. But the important thing is these parties themselves perceive a difference and one on which they won’t compromise.

Whether it’s blind faith, political insight or downright stubbornness, these parties should be an inspiration to us. Over time, a constant and consistent message will help clarify people’s perception and in turn attract and repel voters in the same way that clients warm – or not – to different agencies’ people, philosophy or character.

The point is that if you think you’ve got that special something clients want, stick with it, develop it and believe in it. Are you with me bruvvers?

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