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McFaul featured in CIA Superhero Calendar

This year’s CIA Calendar has launched, with the theme this year being 'Superheroes' containing work by south coast based design agency McFaul.

Launched in 1983, The Central Illustration Agency (CIA) has grown into one of the most critically respected agencies in the UK with an ever increasing presence worldwide, promoting its illustrators via touring exhibitions, seasonal festivals and its own magazine, CIA Quarterly.

The stand up calendar in printed on recycled stock and contains 52 weekly images with unseen work by artists Tistan Eaton, Mark Thomas, Yuko Shimizu and Kai and Sunny.

Each artist has been given a page - which represents a week.

McFaul was asked to design the calendar being on of the few agencies who are repesented by the CIA.

John McFaul explained: "We decided on a comic style look to it all and carried that on through to our image for week 45."