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The Weekly Wrap: Victor Brierley – Nation1

Nation1's MD Victor Brierley puts pen to paper this week

All this is happening against a background where people are moaning, cos their huge house, which doubled in value in a couple of years, has now gone down a few quid. I was there in the 1980’s. Back then, there were real worries about the whole world being embroiled in nuclear holocaust and my mortgage was set at a ‘special deal’ interest rate of 14.5%....

Youngsters, panic-merchants and doom-mongers out there, the world is NOT going to end. We’re simply the victim of internet rumours, which can cause people to think Eddie Izzard is funny and Vernon Kay is talented. The financial services dudes are just being exposed as the bunch of fannies and chancers a lot of us suspected they are. If some of my associates who work in the ‘financial services ’industry (there’s a misnomer) feel this could be a personal assault, on them and their ‘Emperor’s New Hedge Fund’ world, then they’re correct.

Out in the REAL big, bad world, those shrinking violets, radio collossi and laydeez-men-in-their-own-minds Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are being carpeted for having fun and producing radio that people actually want to listen to.

They’ve been hauled-up by the moral guardians, (who shouldn’t really be listening to Brand and Ross, because they get loads of warning regarding what their schtick is going to be all about) for being disrespectful to Andrew Sachs. “Andrew Sachs-who he?”, you might ask? You know him. He’s the very same man who was ‘Manuel’ in Fawlty Towers. The bloke who racially stereotyped an entire nation, making every waiter’s life, in every area of The Costas, a continuing, bloody nightmare. Yeah, disrespectful to him.

I was going to say, pot/kettle/black but someone, somewhere, will get the wrong end of the stick here and report me to the race relations board.

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