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Scotland's Media & Marketing Power 100 1-50

By The Drum, Administrator

July 17, 2008 | 28 min read

Following more than four months of voting and deliberation, The Drum can now reveal its Power 100 list – a list that aims to identify the most influential people in the Scottish media and marketing industries.

Making these decisions were – Malcolm Roughead, marketing director of Visitscotland; Chris Dempsey, head of communications and customer services at Registers of Scotland; Guy Robertson, managing director of GRP and head of the IPA in Scotland; Richard Marsham, managing partner of The Leith Agency; Chris Wallace, communications director at Scottish Water; Angela Casey, managing director of Porter Novelli PR; and Mark Gorman, chair of the Scottish Marketing Association and director of Think Hard.

Decision that were quickly made by the judges included that of omitting all politicians from the poll. However, the Government is very clearly represented within the final rankings.

It was also ruled that, since the judges had been drawn from the nominations list, they would be considered for the final list like all other nominees.

With the rules set, the judges – aboard The Leith Agency’s barge on The Shore – bunkered down to a busy few hours of deliberation, which culminated in 100 people being selected for our list.

This was then published online and readers were invited to cast votes in order to help decide the rankling itself.

The proccess is therefore designed to be as democratic and open as possible. The result is a fascinating list which includes one or two surprising names, and excludes some many might have assumed would appear.

Everyone on the list was invited to fill out a short questionnaire - and the replies of those who responded, together with the final ranking can be found overleaf.


Roger Williams

Head of Marketing

Scottish Government

Roger Williams, head of marketing at the Scottish Government, is deemed by many as the most influential man in Scottish marketing.

Williams is currently overseeing the the tendering process for the Government’s marketing and media briefs which are worth up to £80m, making it the most prestigious roster for any Scottish marketing services agency to be on.

With more reliance than ever before on public sector contracts – most of which have now been swallowed into the Government’s remit – in short, it is vital for most agencies to be part of this lucrative – yet often worthy – roster.

Williams’ career in communications spans both the private and public sectors with positions in media relations, PR, corporate affairs, and marketing.

He moved to Scotland in 1989 from London to join the US oil major Chevron as public affairs manager for Chevron UK Ltd.

In 1996 he was appointed head of corporate affairs for Clydesdale Bank before joining the Scottish Office in 1998 on the eve of devolution for Scotland.

His previous government service was at the Department for Energy and Dti.

Euan Jarvie

Managing Director


1. Retaining the Scottish Government framework contract, growing our business by over 40% and being short listed as business of the year all by having the best media minds in Scotland. 2. Continue to grow and be the first £100m media agency in Scotland and then beyond. 3. Not being paranoid. 4. Media led creative agencies. 5. My inspiration comes from being challenged by the great people I work with – clients, agencies and colleagues. 6. Punchy to start but grows on you.

Malcolm Roughead

Marketing Director

Visit Scotland

1. Getting through it. 2. Getting through another one 3. Not getting through it. 4. The 2m tall guy who’s just been offered a job in the team. 5. Sweeney Todd: at the cutting edge and got to eat all the pies. 6. Pass the Buckfast!

Huw Pennell

Managing Director

Maxxium UK

= Stuart Feather

Managing Partners

Feather Brooksbank

1. Going to Manchester every week to help with our product and development in the North of England, and not having to do so any more. 2. Continue to strengthen and diversify our offering whilst enjoying myself. 3. That we can no longer see the way forward - unlikely, but a ghastly thought. 4. If I knew that, we’d already be doing it! 5. No individual, but an amalgam of lots. 6. White Chateauneuf du pape – a big fat white (as in Leeds supporter).

= Giles Brooksbank

Managing Partners

Feather Brooksbank

Steve Leach

Chief Executive


1. Integrating staff and services across the bigmouthmedia group’s 13 international offices was a significant challenge, and on a personal note I was honoured to win a hat-trick of business awards. Being named Scottish Entrepreneur of the Year was enough for me, but going on to also win the UK and European titles was a tribute to the work of bigmouthmedia’s talented team. 2. My future is focused on taking bigmouthmedia further and I want to see us become as established and respected in the countries we currently don’t operate in as the ten in which we already do. We have put in place a strategy to expand the company globally through a blend of organic growth and acquisitions and are actively considering the prospect of a stock market flotation. 3. That my ambitions for the future won’t be realised. I’m also a little worried that my backside may be turning the shape of an Easyjet seat. 4. Digital PR. The public relations business has never really got its head around the digital sector, and with the economic slowdown beginning to bite I expect to see a lot of movement in this area very soon. 5. Genghis Khan. He built the world’s biggest enterprise from the ground up but never forgot the value of having a good time. 6. A rich, fruity vintage that leaves a tingling sensation on the tongue.

Bill Farrar

Group sales and marketing director

Edrington Group

Sandra Mitchell

Director of Marketing


Jonathan Kemp

Commercial Director


1. The continued growth of IRN-BRU has been very pleasing – particularly south of the border. 2. The creation of Barr Soft Drinks – with strong brands in each sector of the soft drinks market. 3. The media herding us into a long term economic recession. 4. Enhanced functional waters and the continued growth of energy drinks. 5. Every boss I’ve ever worked for - you can end up learning more from them than any business guru. 6. The packaging could do with some work...

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Steven Walker

Managing Director

News International

1. The opening of our new print plant at Eurocentral, moving offices from Kinning Park to Queen St and The Scottish Sun maintaining its position as the No1 daily in Scotland. 2. To continue to explore how we can develop our newspapers in the Scottish marketplace and to offer our customers more digital opportunities. 3. I don’t have any. 4. That would be telling! However I think that newspapers are still only scratching the surface of what we can achieve digitally so it is likely to occur on the Web. 5. Elaine Walker, because she has a habit of being right. 6. Maturing but still full of surprises!

Rob Woodward

Chief executive


1. Transforming Stv into a operationally lean, nimble, commercially focussed business with a culture of creativity at the heart of the business. 2. For STV to become the more influential, relevant, innovative and trusted media brand in Scotland. Delivering great content on all platforms to our local audiences. 3. I embrace the future and am excited about the prospects of re-shaping the Scottish media landscape in a digital world. Therefore I don’t fear the future but rather relish the challenges. 4. Operating a dedicated Scottish digital channel and achieving our quest for Independent Status for our production business, this will open up the production market to us in Scotland and the UK. 5. Sir Robin Miller, founder of EMAP. Ambitious, great commercial judgement and fantastic people skills. 6. Energetic, vibrant and fizzy on the palate, this wine contains a few surprises.

Sue Mullen

Managing Director


1. Becoming part of the Mission Marketing Group in September was a great achievement. It was testament to the hard work of everyone in the agency that a group of that scale and calibre found us attractive. 2. To work with the other companies in the group to strengthen our overall offering to clients. To capaitalise on the added expertise to now have access to, provide staff with an environment to develop their careers and experience. 3. We are all heading into tough times economically. The impact on our clients will automatically filter through to us too. My biggest fear is that clients and agencies don’t work together to do the best we can to support each others business through the next year. 4. We have the next big thing - digital marketing. This will increase and become more sophisticated, more targeted, more creative and more relevant. 5. The late Anita Roddick, she built a profitable and successful business doing something she believed in. 6.Surprisingly sprightly for the vintage, but not as balanced as you might hope (two knee ops and a broken leg in three years will testify to that!).

Blair Jenkins

Scottish Broadcasting Commission

1. Leading the Scottish Broadcasting Commission from launch and triggering a wide-ranging debate about what Scotland needs and wants from the industry in the digital age. 2. Scotland’s many creative talents producing lots of world-class audiovisual content for worldwide audiences. 3. I have no fears for this sector, only high hopes and great excitement about our potential. 4. The report by the Scottish Broadcasting Commission in September. 5. Gus Macdonald in his STV heyday was certainly the smartest and most inspiring person I have worked with so far. You might not have agreed with every decision he made, but you definitely knew you had a leader. 6. “I thought Elgin just did whisky!”

Mark Hollinshead

Managing Director

Daily Record & Sunday Mail

Billy Anderson

Managing Director

GMG Radio Scotland

1. Integrating three FM licenses into one broadcasting centre, which is a first for UK radio and leaves us with Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio, serving listeners across central Scotland. 2. Personally to enjoy what I do, with no regrets. From a business perspective, to allow GMG Radio Scotland to become all it can be. 3. That as an industry and as individuals we start each day looking at what we don’t have rather than what we do. 4. Establishing new listening platforms which can reach critical mass in terms of audience and sustainability in terms of business performance. 5. John Myers. Because he is one of us. 6. My God he was good.

Andrew Thomson


DC Thomson

Ian McAteer

Group Chairman

The Union

1. The privilege of working with a great bunch of people – who are younger and more optimistic than me. The loyalty of our clients, and the success we’ve shared with them. The success and growth of our direct, digital and sales promotion companies. 2. To be able to retire by the time I am 75. 3. Not sure you have enough space in your magazine for all of them. 4. CRM – true one-to-one communications enabled by the digital age. 5. Kenny Dalglish. Have a large backside, shield the ball, and surprise your opponents with a quick turn and shoot. 6. Full-bodied with a determined after-taste.

John Rowley

Chief Executive

Tangible Communications

1. Setting up Tangible (HQ in Scotland!). 2. Build Tangible into a major UK force (but still based in Scotland!) 3. Not being in it. 4. The emergence of customer centric rather than discipline centric marketing. 5. Chris Powell & Michael Baulk for lots of reasons. 6. Good with fish.

Graeme Lindsay

Marketing Director

Whyte & Mackay

1. The launch of a new positioning for Glenmorangie – Setptember 2007, Bailie Nicol Jarvie winning best press ad in the last 21 years at the Scottish Advertising Awards last year. 2. Exploit the huge potential of Whyte and Mackay’s premium brand portfolio including Dalmore, Isle of Jura, Glayva, Vladivar and of course, Whyte and Mackay. 3. Tighter restrictions on the marketing of alcoholic drinks. 4. More responsible marketing of alcoholic drinks. 5. Ricardo Semler (of Semco). 6. An acquired taste.

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Jim Marshall

Head of Group Advertising

Royal Bank of Scotland

Stuart Cosgrove

Director of Nations and Regions

Channel 4

1. Pioneering Channel 4’s new £50m digital media Fund 4iP which launches in September 2008. 2. To compete a half-finished book on Detroit. 3. Web meltdown – I couldn’t function without an online fix. 4. Personalised media slugging it out with mass media. 5. Probably not business gurus or MBA text books but arcane French philosophers. They still have a healthy scepticism about market capitalism. 6. Tart.

Simon Mallinson

Executive Producer


1. Having all three commercial production companies working at full pelt, across three offices for the biggest brands in Britain. In Scotland we have made ads for the Government, Subway, Bulmers, Irn Bru, Scottish Hydro, Tennents, and the Sun, In Manchester- William Hill, John West, and Imperial Leather. And in London – Gucci, Sainsburys, Philips, BMI, COI, Currys, Pot Noodle, Kelloggs and Ribena. We have also made over £1 million of documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic and ITV. 2. Have a bigger company and a smaller stomach... 3. Finishing behind Jonathan Shinton in The Drum poll. 4. The obvious thing would be to state internet advertising, but I don’t see that as significantly different from television and cinema advertising if you are a production company. We make content regardless of where it is shown. The new Red cameras look interesting and we’re probably about to see a serious challenge to shooting on film. People have been talking about it for a long time but they have finally produced an electronic camera that’s beginning to look as nice as film. 5. John Boyle as he doesn’t work in the afternoons. 6. Shame about the screw top, lovely label, hard to swallow at first, never thought it would last twenty years.

Paul Cooney

Regional Managing Director


Geoff Ellis


DF Concerts

1. Reaching the 15th year of T in the Park is a real milestone for DF Concerts, and seeing the way that the festival has helped to shape what is an incredibly vibrant live music and festival scene in Scotland. Innovating with the launch of Connect last year and the new Edge Festival in Edinburgh this year, and securing the opportunity to work on a major event as part of Homecoming 2009. 2. Every year we have the same ambition – to create the very best live music and entertainment events that we can in Scotland, and to continually try to exceed the expectations of the many thousands of people who buy tickets to see our shows. We’re committed to driving the music scene in Scotland from grass roots to stadium and festival level. Also to continue the development of our staff to enable the company to keep moving forward and creating new opportunities. 3. Outwith our control – further unnecessary or inappropriate legislation or restrictions on our industry. Within our control – not delivering to the best of our ability. 4. If I knew I would be planning to do it and not talking about. 5. I honestly don’t have one – perhaps I should! I’ve never been big on role models at any point except maybe Franz Beckanbauer when I wanted to play sweeper like him – but didn’t quite! 6. Best when chilled.

Gerry Farrell

Creative Director

The Leith Agency

1. Shooting a film for Simon Mallinson (still not finished editing it); losing a stone and a half; catching a salmon (illegally) while flyfishing for trout in Slovenia; having loads of fun at work. 2. Catch a salmon legally; finish editing Simon’s film; make sure everyone else at Leith is having as much fun as me; be fit enough to learn boxing. 3. That clients dither over research, budgets and internal politics while their brands wither; that I never finish editing Simon’s film. 4. Accurately predicting the future (we’re some way ahead of the pack here). Usefulness. 5. Mark Lister and Igor Arih. 6. Big, red and fruity with a distinctive nose.

Atholl Duncan

Head of News

BBC Scotland

1. The key achievement has been to make our online news service Scotland’s most popular source of news. The weekly average for unique users is up from 800,000 to 1.9 m. We’ve also improved our political journalism significantly. Over the past year, the big stories from Holyrood have nearly all been broken and then developed on our output. Moving into our new headquarters at Pacific Quay; setting up an investigations unit which has delivered great journalism; and working with our teams to improve Reporting Scotland, Newsnight and GMS. 2. As the Scottish media goes through its greatest ever turmoil our role as the centre for debate, breaking news and information has become even more essential. Our ambition is to develop our news output in a way that delivers an even better service on radio, TV and online to an even greater number of people. 3. No fears, just opportunities. Digital switchover and massive changes in the way people consume news have many quaking. For me, it creates the opportunity to serve the audience better. 4. Look out for another step change in news on demand. Look out for the traditional presenter led TV news programmes coming under increasing pressure. 5. I learnt a lot from Jon Hargreaves, who as the chief executive at Scottish Water, merged three companies, reduced costs by 40%, improved service and left a legacy which means that customers will pay a lot less. I read a lot of Jack Welch’s views and any consideration of Andrew Carnegie is always good to raise your sights! 6. I find keeping fit an increasing battle between myself, my body and the occasional glass of red….so I suspect Jilly might detect on her aroma wheel a whiff of rioja and ralgex.

Peter Irvine

Managing Director

Unique Events

1. Managing to research Scotland the Best again and getting it out, through Harpercollins, on time. Launching The Outsider at Rothiemurchus and taking forward plans for its reappearance in mid-summer next year. Winning the Hogmanay contract again – although we invented it, we have to pitch for it every few years, like everyone else – it’s always a relief that it stays with us. Being selected to produce a new exciting festival – Freedom – in Yorkshire. It’s the first time we’ve worked in England. 2. I’d like to see The Outsider develop as a truly unique experience attracting a new and different audience, both to the outdoor music festival and to the Highlands. To take Hogmanay forward and get the party back into the party. To develop a proposed year-long event programme for the Grassmarket area and a festival based on landscape in the Trossachs in 2010. 3. That I won’t have enough time. 4. Well, if we knew that... We always like to think it’s what we’re going to do next. 5. I’m always more impressed by integrity rather than commercial acumen or ruthless business skills. There’s quite a lot of the latter around and not much of the former. Wouldn’t like to say specifically who. 6. Is she that really annoying one? I wouldn’t like to be a wine; I do drink plenty of it.

Mark Noë

Managing Director


1. Completing a hat trick of Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year titles from 2006 – 2008. Changing the name of my company to Marque. Successfully raising the company’s profile on an international stage. 2. Keep enjoying what I’m doing. Develop Marque globally yet retain our boutique appeal. Spend more time with loved ones. 3. The impending recession. The continued decline of traditional Scottish and UK craft businesses and the continued shift of manufacturing moving east. 4. After a decade of ornamentation and playfulness a new generation of designers seem intent on meaning, functionalism and simplicity. Across all sectors of design we will see less significance on fashionability, meaning more sober rational aesthetics. A new functionality in design is emerging through the cyclical evaluation of modernism that is still about art, integrity and beauty, but is also about, purity, weight and consequence. 5. I admire many people and hopefully learn something from them. These include Tyler Brule, Heidi Slimane, Tom Ford, Tadao Ando, Diego Della Valle. My admiration is an inherent embracement of quality, creativity, tradition and modernity in their businesses. 6. A well rounded wine from the new world from an exciting young grape, with the taste of an exceptional vintage. Unexpected, intriguing and very pleasing to the palette.

Douglas Alexander

Managing Director


1. Re-structuring the design company to reflect our position as an International Branding Agency. 2. To continue to deliver the board’s ambitious plans for International growth, recognition and profitability. 3. Meeting the above but, compromising on the quality of the thinking and creative output. 4. Concierge concept in communications as a reaction to commoditise and facelessness. 5. Sir Bill Gammell, he has grown an incredibly successful company by managing risk always recognising the strength of his people. 6. From one of the best vineyards in the area, this intense dry white wine continues to benefit with age and punch above its weight and is deliciously moreish.

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Paul Miller

Managing Director

Coors Brewers (Scotland)

David Dinsmore


The Scottish Sun

1. Maintaining the Scottish Sun’s position as Scotland’s best-selling newspaper. 2. Make the Scottish Sun a “must-read” for every Scot. 3. Fear is a waste of time. 4. Next big thing is newspapers – some managements might eventually wake up to that and invest a bit of cash. 5. Rupert Murdoch. He pays the mortgage. 6. Great body.

Gerry McCusker


Dog Digital

1. Dog has had a fantastic year, we’ve moved into a custom designed offices, won some amazing new clients locally (SPL, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, ScottishPower) and internationally (Discovery Channel, Adobe & Subway). Our turnover and profits are both up by 50% from the last financial year, and staff numbers are now touching 30. 4. Amidst all that everyone has managed to work constructively, whilst debating their point and remaining an amazing team. 2. Our agency, and others, should gain recognition on a national and international level. We are proud of our roots, and there’s no reason why we don’t compete at the top table. 3. Complacency. 4. The great thing about the digital sector is that no-one really knows. I believe that social marketing will evolve into an important part of communications, but only the smarter agencies and clients will figure out how to use it. 5. If you believe you can do something, you can, and if your attitude is positive, you’ll succeed. 6. A bottle that starts a good conversation, leads to a great night out, and leaves some headroom for tomorrow.

John McLeish

Managing Director


1. Continuing to lead and direct Equator’s development, ensuring that the business is both strong and profitable. During difficult market conditions Equator has continued to grow with revenues increasing by 30%. This has resulted in the team increasing to 50 people and the need for investment in a new purpose built office. I am happy with that! 2. I intend to keep a strong focus on our growth within the UK, however I have been working on a venture for some time which will take Equator into new markets overseas. 3. Mass panic! We are all aware of what is happening with the global economy; however scaremongering is not the solution. Strong sensible trading is what is required. 4. It is difficult to say as the digital sector changes by the day giving birth to many great things. Ultimately I believe greater adoption of the Internet and improved technology will lead to far superior interaction and personalisation. 5. My father. He introduced me to the world of commerce and taught me reputation was everything. He also continually reminded me to ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ How true! 6. Vibrant character with many hidden qualities. Ageing well with the best yet to come.

Bruce Waddell


The Daily Record

Jim Faulds

Consultant, chairman,

non exec director and scottish advertising guru

Ken MacQuarrie


BBC Scotland

Kirsty Hunter

Director of Marketing


Jonathan Shinton

Managing Director


1. Getting to the final of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club Foursomes with Simon Mallinson. Giving up smoking. 2. Winning the final of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club Foursomes with Simon Mallinson. 3. That the Cylons double cross the crew of Battlestar Galactica now they’ve reached earth. 4. Insight to replace information. Creativity to replace execution. Hell to then freeze over. 5. Sir Gerry Robinson. Makes it look simple. 6. Corked. Send it back.

Tim Blott

Managing Director


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Alex Barr


Big Partnership

1. Big Partnership topping the rankings as largest UK PR agency outside London for the second year in a row. 2. A hat trick would be nice...(see above). 3. Everything turns out for the best. 4. More meaningful evaluation by clients - it’ll help weed out the wheat from the chaff, so can only be good. 5. David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy and Mather in 1949. And why? He knew it was all about your people. 6. High alcohol content – ideal for BBQs.

Kerr Arthur

UK Marketing Director

Baxters foods group

1. Taking up my current role was obviously a highlight but the quality of the NPD that we have produced over the past year is also pleasing. Projects have included moving Baxters soup into new areas with our lunch-on-the-go Soup Bowls range, as well as re-launching our Healthy Choice soups, which are now part of the training programme of the Scottish Rugby Team. 2. To introduce as many people as possible to the range of products which Baxters has. 3. The growing global food scarcity that is driving current food inflation is a real concern and the apparent lack of co-ordinated, visionary planning on a global scale to stem this trend is a worry for the future. 4. If I knew the answer I am not too sure that I would tell you! We are significantly upping our focus on new ideas so that we are well placed to compete with the next big thing – or even better, create it! 5. It has to be John Harvey-Jones. I was a real fan of the Troubleshooter programme because he sought out the problem, not the symptoms, and kept the solution simple. He made businesses work by applying ways of working which people within the business understood. 6. Gutsy and satisfying with a fruity finish – but not too rich!

Sarah Warby

Marketing Director

Scottish & Newcastle

Mark Gorman


Think Hard, SMA

1. Taking the Scottish Marketing industry to the Parliament with a united voice. Building an ever stronger community with the SMA and developing an excellent campaign through The Union. Helping 60 Watt grow in strength. And working well and enjoyably with my clients at Think Hard. 2. To appear in The Drum more often. 3. That my golf handicap will get into the 20’s. 4. Realism. 5. John Denholm. Despite all the slaggings he got for being ‘creative’ rather than a businessman I think history has shown what he was and is capable of. At the same time he has maintained not just an image but the reality of being a truly decent bloke. He is self deprecating, funny (in a very dry sort of way) and great fun to work with. 6. “Hmmm a bit on the fat side. heavy, robust, buttery and rude – Russel Grant meets Buster Keaton.”

Carol Fairchild

Advertising Manager

Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd

1. Getting onto this list but most of all helping Arnold Clark become the no1 private company in Scotland. 2. Email will die which means I’ll stop getting hundreds of them each day and I will get the chance to do some work. 3. Sales Teams will continue to call “with a more creative approach or a new idea” looking for more bookings - when they know the answer is NO. 4. Cars that run on water! 5. Scott Ashforth – he’s my boss! 6. Young and fruity with the bite of a Rottweiler who produces hangovers like an earthquake.

Andy Carolan


Tangible Group

Helping to create the Tangible Group, one of the UK’s largest agency groups. 2. Keep growing, stay happy. 3. Nothing in particular. What doesn’t kill you , makes you stronger. 4. The need for agencies to prove the value they bring to their clients. Not particularly new, but increasingly crucial. 5. Don’t have one. 6. “Wine, from Glasgow ? No...”.

Ross Laurie

Managing Director


1. Doubling the turnover of Line and tripling its profits, moving into our new custom-designed office and winning Digital Agency of the Year. 2. To continue to grow the business at the same rate as previous years and increase our expertise and client-base in our core market sectors. 3. Lack of people studying computer-science-related degrees at Uni (we need them for our future) and the fact we may run out of fuel before I own a Jet Pak. 4. Our sector (digital) still is the next big thing and we have a long way to go so let’s not get too carried away just yet... 5. Tom Farmer, John Bates and my Wife. All of these people have set up and sold successful businesses and chosen to continue working rather than retire. It is this dedication that makes these people special and I hope I emulate their work ethic in everything I do. 6. Who? He/She’d probably say I tasted like Tennent’s and question why I came in a pint glass.

Brian Crook

Managing Director

The Bridge

1. Eleventh year of consistent profitability; a new emotional model for developing communications; surviving my son’s school leavers’ party. 2. Retaining a place on the Scottish Government roster. Longer term: launching a digital division and doing more heli-skiing. 3.That the communications industry continues to undervalue itself; that “the West” is the historical equivalent of Rome in the late fourth century. 4. We’ve had “the big idea”, we’ve had “cognitive dissonance”, we’ve had “disruption”. It’s about time that we actually looked to the science of how the brain works. 5.The hedgehog from “The hedgehog and the fox”. Because “he knew one big thing”. 6.”Remarkably consistent, this vintage continues to drink exceptionally well. It has lost none of the subtle, supple, explosive fruit that comes from strategically well placed vines. Worth searching out, you won’t find it in cheaper outlets.”

Richard Marsham

Managing Partner

The Leith Agency

1. Helping Leith grow into a multi-discipline agency with a huge jump in profit and staff numbers. 2. Keeping Leith at the forefront of creativity and planning excellence. And continue to beat Jonathan in pitches. 3. Jonathan beating us in a pitch. 4. Full service agencies again. 5. Don’t have one. 6. A reliable and long-drinking plonk.

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