Bauer Radio Belhaven Bjl

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By The Drum | Administrator

May 8, 2008 | 2 min read

Lewis Creative Consultants

This website scores highly in my opinion. It has clever use of flash and the total product offering is explained on the home page in a very clear and appealing way. It supports the heritage positioning well by modernising the brand to appeal for today’s consumer. The website navigation is easy and everything combines well as a whole. 9/10


Bauer Radio

I like this campaign. It ticks so many boxes for me. First it has great extendibility into other mediums and secondly has longevity. The campaign has the likeability factor with subtle humour targeted directly at the audience with a simple message. However, there is certainly scope for stronger branding which could be capitalised on in the creative. 8/10


Subway TV Ad

This advert certainly brings out light humour at the end. However, the humour is not properly embedded into the storyline thus looking like a bit afterthought. As a result there is a mismatch of the style at the beginning of commercial and the end. Despite all of that they are still able to deliver the message of providing individual choice at Subway. 5/10


I like the overall look and feel of the website in general. McClelland has obviously tried to bring in the style of its packaging into the website design with the use of water colour graphics. I think in overall website lacks consistency between typeface, colours and graphics and weakens the branding. 6/10

The Bridge

Belhaven Sposnorship Idents

These executions blend nicely with their sponsorship of Scot Sports with clever messaging. Each execution fits nicely with different commercial breaks thus reducing the repetitiveness of standard sponsorship idents. I like the fact that product is the hero across all executions, a refreshing change from complex story lines of nowadays. 8/10

Bauer Radio Belhaven Bjl

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