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April 24, 2008 | 6 min read

Who's Gone Where

Stephanie Miller, marketing and business

development manager, Fifth Ring

1. It’s a unique position, bringing in-house marketing management to an integrated communication agency. The challenge attracted me. That together with the people, who are a great bunch and all extremely passionate and motivated. 2. The University of Aberdeen. 3. An account executive in a local design agency, max and co. 4. I was visiting family in Dubai and popped into the Fifth Ring offices for a chat. By complete coincidence, the Fifth Ring board had just approved the creation of this new role. 5. Sam Sparro. 6. 7. If I swore you were an angel, would you treat me like the devil tonight?

Chris Lawson,

conference and event manager, Saville

was an easy decision. 2. I came over from financial services working for a division of 1. Saville are a huge company, one of the biggest in the UK with a great reputation, it HBOS. 3. I started out at the age of 14 doing sound in theatre. 4. I found the position online, like everything else these days. What did we do before it? 5. Foo Fighters. 6. For News the Guardian online, for music Clash Magazine and The Drum of course. 7. I would have to say no, sorry, I’m getting married this summer to the most gorgeous woman on the planet!

Matt Burvill, designer, The Hub

1. Standard of typographic work. 2. This is my first full-time position in the ‘industry’. 3. Most of my work has been self initiated, working in collaboration with Dutch designer Jarrik Muller, creating ‘Optical’ — a conceptual font used in ‘items’ magazine. I was the co-founder and designer/editor/contributor of limited edition ‘PUMP’ magazine. ‘PUMP’ acted as a platform for ideas, creativity and innovation, featuring interviews with the most prominent designers/musicians of the time. 4.Speculatively. 5. Seasick Steve and the Level Devils. 6.TypeNeu (shout out to Emil!) 7. Certainly wouldn’t blame you.

Alison Cran,

senior account manager, Weber Shandwick

1. The Aberdeen office has a great team in place and I was really keen to work with some of the new faces. It’s an exciting time in the city and there’s huge potential for the office here. 2. Another communications consultancy in the city. 3. Working as a reporter and news reader on a local radio station in Yorkshire. My boss left after just a couple months of me being there and I was flung into the position of Acting Head of News. It was a great learning experience though. 4. It found me, which was nice. 5. Do people still buy CDs?! 6. Photobox - it’s great for storing and printing pics and I like browsing the galleries. I still pop on to Facebook now and then just to have a nosey. 7. You’ll have to do better than that!

Lucy Newlands,

junior account executive, Firefly Communications

1. The prospect of a career in PR excited me and the Firefly ethos seemed the best fit. 2. Assembly Festival Theatre. 3 This is my first industry job but I have done internships at BBC Moscow and The Eastern Economist. 4. I sent my CV to the company and Scotland director Martin Cryans got back to me a few weeks later when the position came up. 5. Doolittle by The Pixies. 6. BBC News, I go on regularly at work to keep updated with what’s going on in the world. 7. Depends who’s asking.

Laura Campbell, account director, Profile Plus

1. Exciting clients, a great team and management who encourage personal progression. 2. The BIG Partnership in their Edinburgh office. 3. I did work experience at BIG while studying PR at University, they were kind enough to offer me an account exec position when it came up. 4. Advertised on 5. I haven’t bought a CD in years. I was recently given the new Operator Please album Yes, Yes, Vindictive which is brilliant. 6. I love the Cravendale milk site, it makes me laugh and I couldn’t survive without google. 7. No, I would thank you politely and blush slightly

Ann-Marie Allen, art director, Avian

1. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse closer to home. 2. Fifth Ring in Aberdeen. 3. Designer at Mckinstrie Wilde in Edinburgh just weeks after I had graduated. 4. We had been in touch on and off over the last couple of years. 5. Soup – The Housemartins Condensed/Cream of The Beautiful South for my husbands Christmas. 6., I found it last week, it’s the worlds smallest website! 7. Not that I know the song but...If I swore you were an angel, would you treat me like the devil tonight?

Gill Gerlings, digital producer, Avian

1. I was looking to move from Edinburgh closer to family in Brechin and when I saw the perfect job going with such a well established agency I just had to go for it! 2. Blonde – fantastic bunch of people who gave me a great send off involving Sing Star and Guitar Hero!! 3. Realise. 4. Through Suhkpal at Denholm who was fantastic! 5. Sawdust by The Killers for my husband. 6. I love for answering those niggling ‘what’s he/she been in before?’ type questions! 7. Nice try but this body’s had a baby so I know you’d be lying!

Ian Black, junior developer,

Lewis Creative Consultants

1. The chance to do something I actually enjoy doing. The opportunity to work with new technologies such as ASP.NET and to gain more knowledge and experience in web development. 2. For 6 months, after graduating University, I worked to set up a web design business with a fellow graduate. However, I wanted to concentrate my efforts on building websites rather than having to focus on the ‘business’ aspects. 3. Lewis is my first industry job! 4. I had my CV online at and Pearse from Eden Scott got in touch with me about a potential employer. He set me up with an interview at Lewis and after initially thinking the position was no longer available, I was offered the job on a permanent basis. 5. An album called “All You’re Meant To Be” by a band called Boyce Avenue. 6. I visit the BBC website pretty regularly in the mornings just to keep up to date with the latest news and sport. The new iPlayer looks like it could be good for catching up with any TV programmes you’ve missed! 7. Not if you weren’t lying.

Charlotte Simpson,

marketing account executive, Denvir Marketing

1. Initially the role attracted me as it was very varied. Denvir itself is a new and exciting company keen to expand which is what I was looking for in my next role. 2. Xclusive Marketing. 3. I started as a junior at Xclusive Marketing after graduating. 4. The Drum website. 5. Radio One live Lounge Volume 2. 6. One of my favourite websites is Travelzoo. I am always on the look out for a holiday Bargain. 7. No!!!

Communications the Hub Profileplu

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