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War of the Words

By The Drum | Administrator

October 20, 2005 | 6 min read

War of the Words, which was launched in August, targeted clients that had not used radio as an advertising medium in the last year. The aim of the initiative is to get agencies thinking about what radio can do for their clients when they’re planning campaigns. And, with the range of scripts that were entered, it appears that that aim’s been successful.

Part of a longer-term plan that’s currently in progress amongst a selection of Scottish radio stations to highlight the commercial benefits of using radio – especially when good, creative scripts are involved, the competition has attracted entries from all over the country.

Real Radio MD Billy Anderson has been “delighted by the number and standard of the scripts received.” However, having whittled the entries down to six, the judging panel – which consists of Jonathan Kemp, marketing director A.G. Barr; Judith Duffy, marketing manager Fly Globespan; Scott Ashforth, marketing manager Arnold Clark; John Myers, chief executive GMG Radio; Shaun Bowron, group operations director GMG Radio; Billy Anderson, managing director Real Radio Scotland; Paul Renhard, head of creative GMG Radio; Gareth Prosser, head of creative Real Radio Scotland; and Gordon Young, publisher The Drum – now has the task of picking a winner. The panel will meet over the next fortnight and a winner will be announced on 18 Nov.

The Bridge

Simply Organic


Juliette Forrest and Ali Taylor

VO: If you’re looking for a pre-biotic, little bottle drink that’s truly healthy, try this sample test.

SFX: We record a seven-year-old child pretty unsuccessfully attempting to read out the following words:

Seven-year-old: Acesulfame-K... aspartame...

VO: Get a seven-year-old to read the label.

SFX: The seven-year-old continues to struggle reading the words.

Seven-year-old: ...oligiofructose... inulin... glucose-fructose syrup... trisodium citrate... carmines... maltodextrin... saccharose...

VO: That’s what you will find in most of them. This is what you’ll find in ours:

SFX: We record the same seven-year-old child easily reading out the following words:

Seven-year-old: cranberries, raspberries, grape juice, oats, banana, flax-seeds...

VO: It’s simple. Fruitality from Simply Organic.


Watt Brothers


Gary Marley and Lea Simpson

SFX: Street sounds

MVO1: (All voices should be deadpan. Think Jack and Victor ‘Still Game’): Where did you get that watch?

MVO2: Watt Brothers

MVO1: Oh. I thought you went to get an iron.

MVO2: I got it.

MVO1: Where?

MVO2: Watt Brothers?

FVO (silky): Watt Brothers. You might just get more than you bargained for.

The Union

Edinburgh Volunteer Centre


Michael Hart and Ben Craig

(Because performance and believability are vital for our audience to be moved by the commercial, the following conversation would take place between an adult and a young girl with genuine learning disabilities.)

SFX: School classroom.

Woman: Can I help you with your sums, Linda?

Young girl: Yes please.

Woman: This first one’s easy. What does two plus three make?

Young girl: it... five?

Woman: Well done. See that wasn’t difficult, was it?

Young girl: No. Thanks for helping me.

Woman: That’s alright, Linda. Now have you got any money for me?

Young girl: What for?

Woman: Helping you, of course. I don’t do this for nothing.

MVO: Imagine a world where nobody did anything for free. Thankfully, Volunteer Centres rely on everyday people just like you to give a little of their time to those who really need it. Just visit or phone 0800 404040. And, by the way, the call costs nothing.

Clayton Graham

The Herald

1x60’ 1x20’

Creative director: Mark Graham

SFX: Simple classical style piano track plays in the distance throughout the ad.

FVO: It has taken me a year, one month and 11 days to write what follows. On October 4 last year, I was hit by a man. Punched twice with curled fists to the side of my head, by a man I’m related to. A man I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

MVO: The Herald... Experience it.


Slater womenswear


Gary Marley and Lea Simpson

SFX: Loose beats playing in the background. The beats sound almost like footsteps. Lending it to being played at a fashion show while models strut their way down a catwalk.

FVO: (Seductive, over-the-top, exaggerated haute couture.)

You want a look that suits your business style.

You want a suit that’s styled for business.

SFX: Abrupt end to music.

FVO: (Plain, straight-talking, friendly – it sounds as if she was tired of the other character.)

Or you just want a great-looking, tailor-made suit at a great price.

Slater Womenswear, it’s everything we’re famous for... for women.


Watt Brothers


Gary Marley and Craig Smith

SFX: (under throughout): An older man making raspberry noises into a microphone.

MVO: This is an ad for Watt Brothers.

SFX: (under throughout): Teaspoons being clinked together.

MVO: (raising his voice above the racket): Here’s the thing, we have some cool stuff at incredible prices.

So, on the one hand our offers deserve a great ad, on the other hand, if we went and spent loads of cash on an ad, our prices couldn’t stay so low.

That’s why I got my dad on beat-box and my gran to make a tingy noise with her teaspoon collection.

Then all I have to do is tell you that there’s up to 80 per cent off all Christian Dior cosmetics and 42’’ Goodmans Plasma TVs for just £988.

Watt Brothers, whatever it takes to keep prices low.

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