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By The Drum, Administrator

April 27, 2004 | 5 min read

Over the next few pages Adline publishes the shortlist for this year’s Roses Awards which is sponsored by the Manchester Publicity Association and organised by members of the Marketeer Association. This year over 1000 pieces of work were entered into the event from colleges and universities the length and breadth of Britain excluding those inside the M25 of course.

The objective of the project is to introduce fresh talent to agencies outside of London on one hand, while reminding those on creative courses that there are plenty of career options in centres such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham on the other.

Marketeer Association members set seven briefs that covered every main creative discipline from new media to advertising.

Students were then invited to answer these briefs which were then judged at Urbis in Manchester.

The shortlist for each one appears over the following pages and all the students behind this work will be offered an interview with the agencies that set the briefs. Individuals who do well here will then be given the chance of a paid placement at these agencies.

Manchester-based BDH/TBWA has also agreed to offer a wild- card placement.

However, the work the agencies deemed best in each category has also been identified. They form the shortlist for the main Roses Student Awards which will be announced on May 6 and could be in line for either a bronze, silver or gold award.

Said Marketeer Association director Gordon Young: \"This was a good year for the Roses Student Awards. The judges agreed that the class of 2004 will fall into that category marked vintage.\"

The Urbis judging was followed by a creative careers evening where over 100 students had the chance to see the nominated work and meet members of the Marketeer Association.

Brief set by Elmwood

Background: Familiarity breeds contempt, it can also breed complacency and laziness.

Objective: Choose an existing company/organisation, find out what items they presently use (eg bus tickets, uniforms, vehicles etc), then redesign an existing piece in an original, clever and practical way.

Brief set by The Chase

Background: A forward thinking funeral director has come up with a brain-wave. He plans to sell customers the idea of organising, and paying for, their own funerals before they pass away.

Objective: He needs a name for the enterprise, a corporate ID and a way to spread the word and catch the public\'s imagination.

Brief set by mda

Background: Cheshire County Council always needs to attract and retain foster carers. Recruiting foster carers and adopters for children with disabilities has proved extremely difficult.

Objective: To recruit and retain foster carers/adopters - particularly for children and teenagers with a disability; to promote fostering and adoption in Cheshire. The brief is wide open but people must be directed to the fostering and adoption hotline or the website (

Brief set by Propaganda

Background: The challenge lies in developing a concept brand based on the three intrinsic qualities that Propaganda\'s research has shown to be crucial to brand success. They are \'environment\', \'friendship and communion\' and \'real world\'.

Objective: Decide on a name and design a logo. Demonstrate what it will look like communicated across various media.

Brief set by Love

Background: Magic is a group of \'feel-good\' radio stations. In London they are stations with \'less talk and more music\', across the North of England they are stations which play \'the greatest hits non-stop.\' The stations play artists such as Elton John, Robbie Williams, Madonna and Norah Jones.

Objective: To encourage trial of Magic. Think about catching people at relaxation times, at the gym or the shops, relaxing at home or work. Prime media is usually press, including inserts. Thoughts on outdoor and ambient would be welcomed.

Brief set by Idaho

Background: The Association of Pedigree Gnome Breeders (APGB) wants you to transform its

middle-England image, expand its size and propel it into mainstream 21st century life.

Objective: To design the website. Create the structure, navigational flow and layout for the content managed site and demonstrate how design can be applied to such an organic solution. The site needs to be a dynamic, member-driven community encouraging communication and trade between members.

Brief set by Like a River

Background: With the right marketing even the most pedestrian product can take on an aura of glamour and desirability. That\'s one of the purposes of branding - to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Objective: Find a way of selling sand. Understand its value, imagine its potential and create a brand that will stimulate demand. Use any media you like, anything you think will cement your brand\'s success.


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