Feminist Letters by Y&R Group

Agency: Y&R Group
Date: Apr 2018
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The Feminist Letters is a typeface created to amplify the voices advocating for gender equality. Each letter is designed with a purpose, calling attention to issues like equal pay and reproductive rights. The Feminist Letters platform allows people to tweet at their representatives in the font and download it to create social posts, posters and more.

The font articulates gender equality issues in provocative and humorous ways, with each letter standing for a separate issue. For instance, the ‘A’ is two high-heeled legs in a skirt standing for “ass kicking career women” while a pregnant ‘B’ is for birth, ‘S’ is for salaries and ‘K’ is for “keep your hands off.”

The goal of the campaign, according to Y&R, is to spark action for feminists everywhere – however they choose to adapt and use the font to more powerfully express their voices. Ultimately, the font is intended for feminists of all genders to write to their government representatives on crucial feminist issues, moving the needle towards gender equality. The empowering alphabet saw initial success at the national Women’s March, where the letters were adopted by marchers in New York, LA, Philadelphia and other cities.


North America CCO: Leslie Sims

ECD: Joao Coutinho

ECD: Christian Carl

GCD: Nathalie Brown

Copywriter: Lindsay Dyer

Art Director: Caitlin Hickey

Senior Designer: Olga Vladova

Head of Innovation: Catherine Patterson

Senior Integrated Producer: Jill Toloza

Print Producer: Jack Hughes

Senior Business Manager: Adele Solomon

Global Content Director: Alex Foster

Engagement Strategy Director: Cara Drolshagen

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