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Client: Campari
Date: Jul 2021
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A cocktail of two iconic Italian exports – Federico Fellini and Campari – the bittersweet red aperitif is emulating the work of the cinema pioneer in the first-ever short film to use artificial intelligence to bring the creative genius of Fellini to life. Created by ad agency Wunderman Thomson, it marks the return of Campari Red Diaries, a series of short films that illustrate that ‘every cocktail tells a story’.

Set in the heart of Rome, the short movie will explore Fellini’s life and dreams. Directed by Maximilian Niemann, to help them define what could or could not be perceived as ‘Felliniesque’, the team quizzed original members of Fellini’s crew, who provided key insights on the maestro’s oeuvre.

This included Fellini’s camera operator Blasco Giurato (The Clowns, 1970), his three-time Oscar-winning set designer Dante Ferretti (Orchestra Rehearsal, 1978; City of Women, 1980; And the Ship Sails On, 1983; Ginger and Fred, 1986; The Voice of the Moon, 1990) and Luigi Piccolo, director of Sartoria Farani, a renowned Italian tailor shop, which holds restored costumes from some of Fellini’s greatest films including Satyricon (1969), The Clowns (1970) and Amarcord (1973). Francesca Fabbri Fellini, Fellini’s niece, was also involved in the project from the start.

The Felliniesque experts worked with production and innovation studio Unit9, which used artificial intelligence tools to unearth, explore and develop Fellini’s creative genius.

A collaboration between human and artificial intelligence, the project showcases how the sentimental and the rational, the emotional and the data-driven can come together to create a brand-new piece of art.

Through the Campari Red Diaries 2021 Fellini Forward project, Campari aims to continue the legacy of innovation and creativity set out by its founders, inspiring future generations and creatives across the globe to unlock their own passions.



Directors, Drea Cooper, Zackary Canepari

Producers, Gary Kout, Harry Starkey-Midha

Executive Producers, Adam Dolman

Editor, Toby Conway-Hughes

Director of Photography, Michael Paleodimos

Composer, Matthew Joynt

Assistant Producer, Joe Youens

Presenter, Campari

Contributors, Francesca Fabbri Fellini, Anita Todesco, Professor Marcus du Sautoy

Maximilian Niemann, Marc D’Souza, Dr. Emily L. Spratt, Hava Aldouby, Dante Ferretti, Andrea Munafo, Giulia Bonomelli


Director, Maximilian Niemann

Producer, Harry Starkey-Midha

Editor, Alex Burt

Composer, Jascha Viehl

Director of Photography, Jalaludin Trautmann

Costume Designer, Danielle Ciancio

Production Designer, Laura Pozzaglio


Young Fellini, Simone Coppo

Woman In Red, Neva Leoni

Admiral, Hal Yamanuochi

Woman In Fur/Lioness, Cetty Arancio

Laughing Woman/Peacock, Evelina Meghnagi

Penguins, Luca Massaro, Valerio Malorni, Pietro Romano

Elephant, Zagor Borghesi

Band Musicians, Marco Carboni, Giancarlo Greco, Gebremeskek D Yemane

Clowns, Ilaria Cecere, Francesco Rivista

Barman, Vincenzo Iantorno

Old Fellini, Mariano Aprea

Fellini’s Assistant, Nav Ghotra


Creative Director, Maximilian Niemann

Project Director, Marc D’Souza

Executive Producer, Martino Butti

Producer, Yi Nong Dong

Project Manager, Piotr Przygoda

Creative Concept, Davide Bianca

Screenwriter, Eros Tumbarello

Technical Lead, Andrew Oaten

Technical Director, Maciej Zasada

Art Director, Karol Goreczny

UX Designer, Matt Silverstein

Sound Development, Jascha Viehl

3D Director, Sandeep Kamal


Creative agency, WT

Production & Artificial Intelligence Development, UNIT9

Global PR Strategy, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Digital Creative Agency, We Are Social

Photography, FM