Date: Apr 2020
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Covid-19 has been a difficult time for everyone around the world, especially in Italy. When it was first mandated that women (and men) must stay home during the highest peak of the pandemic, unfortunately this meant that not everyone was safe from domestic violence.

To help victims of domestic violence discuss these issues during the Covid-19 global pandemic, Wunderman Thompson Italy designed a social campaign for Telefono Rosa, an Italian NGO taking active measures against domestic violence. The team wanted to shed light on the sad fact that for some, home is actually not the safest place right now.

Wunderman Thompson Italy presents a different perspective on the ‘stay at home’ message, taking the opportunity to sensitize audiences to this critical issue. It developed on-air out of home advertisements and an online social media campaign and also worked with WPP partners Mindshare and Kinetic on media.