Date: Mar 2020
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Coronavirus will contaminate a large portion of the population, disrupt production chains and plunge economies into unprecedented chaos across the planet.

In Brazil, this outlook will be even greater among the black population that is massively at the base of the Brazilian social pyramid and is the target of murders or abandonment that lead to death: without access to basic sanitation, healthcare, housing and employment. This population is part of the majority group that's most vulnerable to the coronavirus and who already suffer a daily life of injustice and violence in the country.

Genocide is the word used to describe the extermination of people motivated by ethnic, national, racial, religious and socio-political differences. In Brazil, a black person is murdered every 23 minutes. 80% of users of the Unified Healthcare System (SUS) are black. Blacks fall victim to firearms 2.5 times more than white people.

These numbers are not coincidental, they are the result of the structural racism within the Brazilian Government and society, and demonstrate that the target of violent deaths in the country has a color.

The Black Coalition for Rights believes that using a word as powerful and meaningful such as genocide to report new homicides of black people in Brazil can change the way the problem is addressed. For this reason, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Brazil, it created the campaign called 'Alvos do Genocídio' (Genocide Targets), whose main purpose is to reveal these alarming data in charts too powerful to be ignored. These numbers will be blatantly revealed in shooting targets, filled proportionally with the discrepancy in the percentage of murders of blacks and non-blacks in the country through static and digital OOHs in several Brazilian capitals (SP, RJ, ES, and BA), prints, content created and disseminated by influencers (stories and posts on Instagram and Facebook) and video content for YouTube on the International Day Against Racial Discrimination, 21 March.

In addition, 'Alvos do Genocídio' will have the website, which will contain all the charts and content created for the campaign and from where users can send a petition to the mainstream media in the country for them to refer to the deliberate, daily, systematic and mass murder of the black population using the correct term: Genocide.


Title: Alvos do Genocídio (Genocide Targets)

Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil

Client: Coalizão Negra por Direitos (Black Coalition for Rights)

Product: Institutional

CCO: Keka Morelle

Creative Directors: Cassio Moron and Nicolás Romanó

Copywriters: João Gandara, Thamara Pinheiro

Art Directors: Vinicius Pegoraro and Gustavo Cavalheiro

Client Service: Gustavo Costa, Vivian Zeni

PR: Vivian Zeni, Andrea Assef and Hellen Araújo

Media: Israel Bastos, Vanessa Pupato and Larissa Isabelle

Planning: Renan Damascena

Development: Sergio Costa

Motion: Marcus Prado and Rodrigo Costa

Head of Production: Maísa Delgado

Digital Production: Antônio Corral

Graphic Production: Flávio Colella, Leandro Iacovone and Fernanda Fiori

Client Approval: Douglas Belchior and Bianca Santana