Date: Aug 2020
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Camden Town Brewery has always pioneered pairing fresh thinking with fresh beer, which it’s demonstrating once again with its latest advertising campaign - the world’s first TV ad you can (kind of) drink.

It turns out that one in three Brits sorely missed sharing a beer with friends over anything else during lockdown, so in an effort to lift the spirits of the nation, Camden is giving away 45,000 free beers, which viewers can redeem, immediately, through their TVs to enjoy with their friends at a distance.

To be in with a chance of winning fresh, never pasteurized Camden Hells Lager delivered straight to their door, viewers just need to keep an eye out for the QR codes in the advert and scan them with their phone camera. There are 6, 12 and 24 packs to be won.

The campaign, launching during the Champions League semi-finals on 18 and 19 August, uniquely combines medium and message to create a genuinely category redefining idea. Created by Wieden+Kennedy and Bountiful Cow with W leading on PR and influencer engagement, it builds on Camden’s love of design and brings together a variety of design styles from four of the freshest illustrators.

The ad features an animated Camden Town Brewery and a mix of fictional characters inspired by the beer team. From Half Pint who flip flops between optimism and pessimism, to Pub Cat who identifies as 5% cat and 95% Glaswegian with a strange fascination of QR codes. All illustrations were created by Guy Field, Sophie Koko Gate, José Fatkinson and Bridget Meyne who hail from Blink’s esteemed London animation studio.