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Delta Air Lines: Seattle to Mom by Wieden+Kennedy New York

Date: Aug 2018
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Delta Air Lines is dressing up a bunch of strangers in identical outfits in order to urge adult children living in Seattle to visit their mothers. The carrier is doing this to take advantage of its growing global Seattle network.

The campaign, created with Wieden+Kennedy New York, features personal, heartfelt messages from real moms of Seattleites that remind their children to come visit: “Hey babe, visit soon! Love, Mom” and “Stu, I’ll always be here for you. Waiting. In Denver. For you to visit. Love, Mom.” These handwritten reminders to visit are coupled with home photos showing each mom with their child. The messages will appear across the city, including on billboards, storefront posters, and at local bars and hot spots.

Videos highlight the campaign, showing a band of women dressing up as the same person in identical outfits to get their grown children to pay attention. As the women get closer to their targets, we hear the reason for their dress-up game, and see the very surprised daughters and sons shocked and delighted to receive tickets to fly to see their moms. The clones even hand them phones so they can speak live to their mothers.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York

Client: Delta Air Lines