Date: Jun 2018
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Delta says that the airline flies to more places out of NYC than any other airline. To help get that message across, Delta Air Lines is taking over a Williamsburg, Brooklyn wall with an eye-catching out of home execution that gives participating passersby a chance to win a trip to any of the 132 destinations Delta flies to from NYC.

The airline teamed up with Australian designer Karan Singh to illustrate each of the 26 letters in the phonetic alphabet, which is commonly used by pilots (using words like Alpha, Bravo and Charlie for A, B and C) The artwork is tied to a sweepstakes, urging New Yorkers to spell their favorite destinations using the alphabet on the wall, posting the letters one-by-one to an Instagram carousel with #PilotTalkSweepstakes for a chance to win two roundtrip tickets to that destination. For the chance to win a trip to London, for example, one would post pictures of "Lima-Oscar-November-Delta-Oscar-November" or "Mike-India-Alpha" if Miami the desired destination.

Delta is also throwing an event on Saturday, June​ 30​ from 10 am to 8 pm ET at Kinfolk, a Williamsburg spot that is near the Pilot Talk Wall.



Executive Creative Directors​ - ​Karl Lieberman

Creative Directors​ - ​Sean Mclaughlin , Jaclyn Crowley

Copywriter​ - ​Ian Hart

Art Director​ - ​Jess Shriftman

Senior Producer​ - ​Ali Berk

Executive Producer​ - ​Cheryl Warbrook

Account Team​ - ​Casey Jennings, Lauren Smith, Kerry O’Connell

Social Strategist​ - ​James Williams

Lead Strategist​ - ​Kirstie Maryott

Head of Production​ - ​Nick Setounski

Print Producer​ - ​Leigh Ann Dykes

Photographer​ - ​Kristin Gladney

Business Affairs​ - ​Carla Curry, Lindsey Timko

Project Manager​ - ​Rayna Lucier


Production Company​ - ​MAS Event + Design

Executive Producer​ - ​Melissa Mahon

Producer​ - ​Chelsie Caruso

Coordinator​ - ​Bryce Bermingham

Production Company​ - ​Joint

Director​ - ​Dustin Bailey

Executive Producer​ - ​Michelle Carmen

Line Producer​ - ​​Brian Schimpf


Illustrator​ - ​Karan Singh