Date: May 2019
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Hollywood legend Robert de Niro has taken up bagel deliveries after signing up for a starring role in Warburtons latest advertising campaign, which breaks on 17 May.

De Niro appeared alongside company chairman Jonathan Warburton, and dusted off some of his most famous characters as he seeks to undermine Warburton’s own bagel sales in favour of New York brands.

Gangster-style tactics include tying up Warburton's security guards and re-labelling products to his own 'Goodbagels' in an attempt to maintain a monopoly on the bagel market.

This industrial espionage takes place under the nose of Warburton himself, who believes the mob-style antics to be part of a new film pitch. De Niro wraps up his Bolton visit by ominously announcing that the story doesn’t ‘end well’.