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Snapchat: Speech to Street by VMLY&R

Agency: VMLY&R
Client: Snapchat
Date: May 2021
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VMLY&R and Snapchat have launched an augmented reality lens experience designed to give a political platform to Gen Z in a way no-one has done before.

Ahead of the upcoming local elections, Opinium research commissioned by Snap and VMLY&R sought to discover the issues that matter the most to the next generation of UK voters, and found that Mental health (40%) was the number one priority, followed by NHS Healthcare availability (27%), wages and the cost of living (26%), poverty and homelessness (25%) and jobs (24%).

Key findings from the research have been built into an AR lens that Snapchatters can use to show what they feel most passionately about and use their voice to encourage their friends to go out and vote.

The ‘Speech to Street’ campaign aims to empower young people to have their say on key political issues ahead of the UK’s local elections. From conversations with friends, family and colleagues, to the places where change is made - the AR lens takes users from 'Speech to Street', aiming to inspire young voters before they head to the ballot box on Thursday 6 May, 2021.