Agency: VML
Date: Apr 2022
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Bond University has installed interactive doors around Brisbane to promote its micro-credential courses.

The campaign, created by VML&R and artist Mace Robertson, designs each door to represent a different course offering.

The blue door will represent all courses, the yellow door represents “The Psychology of Risk Management on Projects”, the brown door represents “Exploring Knowledge Translation in Clinical Practice” and the red door represents “Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Programs”.

There is a unique QR code for people to scan that provides further information about the door locations, as well as a behind-the-scenes film with the artist, Mace Robertson.

“Bond University’s micro-credential courses were designed in response to market needs and developed in collaboration with industry partners. Our flexible, skills-based learning enables professionals to upskill, advance their careers, change direction, or dive deeper into a specific area,” said Lisa Shaw, the manager of the micro-credential unit at Bond University.