Video Advertising Bureau: Television. Be Known. by Viacom Velocity

Date: May 2018
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The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) has launched the TV advertising industry’s first multi-screen promotional campaign. The new 'Television. Be Known.' video ad campaign features the founders of two successful digital-native, data-driven disruptor companies: Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online destinations for home furnishings and décor, and Gwynnie Bee, a women’s online subscription apparel service at the forefront of merging technology and fashion.

The campaign will run for at least 11 weeks nationally on over 70 TV networks and in virtually all local TV markets on the major cable, satellite and telco video distributors. Capitalizing on TV’s cutting-edge targeting tools, the VAB’s campaign is also utilizing a full suite of premium video platforms such as linear TV, video on demand, online, airport TV, mobile, TV Everywhere apps and more.

In a series of 15-second, 30-second and two-minute documentary-style ads, Wayfair co-founders Niraj Shah and Steve Conine and Gwynnie Bee founder Christine Hunsicker are featured describing the impact advertising on TV has had on the success of their respective businesses. The new campaign was created and produced by Viacom Velocity, the global entertainment company’s in-house branded content studio.

Key performance metrics such as search inquiries, site traffic and attitudinal changes will be tracked and monitored by multiple data and analytics companies throughout the campaign.

Choosing the Wayfair and Gwynnie Bee founders to profile in the ads is a result of the VAB following the effect of TV ad spending on “Direct-Disruptor” brands over multiple years. Each year since 2014, the VAB has released a series of reports tracking the triggers for increased growth for Direct-Disruptor category brands, defined as companies selling or providing goods and services directly to customers and whose core competency is data measurement and analytics. The reports highlight how Direct-Disruptors, including Airbnb, Wayfair and Zillow, implemented TV campaigns to take their brands to the next level of success.

The VAB’s newest detailed analysis on TV advertising’s effect on company growth, Direct Impact: How TV Drives Outcomes for Direct-Disruptor Brands, is being released simultaneously with the VAB TV ad campaign launch. Direct Impact examines the TV spend of 50 additional Direct-Disruptor brands, including Gwynnie Bee, Peloton and Hello Fresh, in relation to available brand metrics such as website traffic, online interactions, revenue and company valuation to determine if any correlation exists.

Direct Impact’s findings include details on how the brands saw immediate positive business outcomes as they entered and expanded their advertising presence on TV. Brands who launched their campaign during the analysis period saw an average lift of 83 percent in their website traffic. Most brands saw triple-digit increases in their search volume. Overall, the brands experienced significant revenue growth, resulting in the 50 Direct-Disruptor brands collectively doubling their TV advertising spending each of the last two years.


Agency: Viacom Velocity

Client: VAB

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