Date: Mar 2020
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With the coronavirus spreading to all corners of the world, the United Nations is enlisting the help of creatives around the world in areas not yet overrun by the disease to avoid or minimize the outbreak.

The United Nations, in its ‘Global Call to Creatives: An Open Brief from the United Nations’ states that it needs help “translating critical public health messages into different languages, different cultures, communities and platforms, reaching everyone, everywhere”.

“We need to meet people where they are, with a stream of fresh, innovative content which drives home the personal behaviours and societal support needed today. We are equipping you with WHO-provided knowledge and messages to spread,” said the call to action.

The UN is launching this first-ever open brief to creatives everywhere to help spread the public health messages in ways which will be effective, accessible and shareable.

It is not a single campaign – the UN is looking for a multitude of creative solutions to reach audiences across different cultures, age groups, affiliations, geographies and languages. It is seeking those with imagination, ambition and ingenuity.

By reaching out to creatives around the world, the UN hopes to inspire creators, influencers, talent, networks, media owners and others who can take these key messages and bring their own magic to them – a creative twist, a cultural quirk, an interpretation which helps amplify them to audiences not yet reached.

The organization will work with media partners, and clients with media inventory, across social, digital, streaming, broadcast, print and radio to amplify the best of the creative community.

Those who want to join the effort are asked to fill out a form on Google Forms, or contact