Client: Twitter
Date: Jun 2020
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To mark the anniversary of the emancipation of slavery (19 June), on billboards across 8 US cities, Twitter has broadcast a handpicked selection of the millions of tweets that have appeared on the platform since the Black Lives Matter protests in May.

While protests took place physically on the streets, Twitter has been a hub for debate and activism online, with people taking to the platform to share their thoughts and experience of racial inequality.

Selecting cities that staged the most impactful protests in May (Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Philadelphia) is designed to talk directly to the communities who last month campaigned for change.

While the protests have died down, the issues raised continue and the campaign works to keep that momentum alive, through the voice of those affected.

For those unable to encounter the billboards in person, the campaign was shared online via the Blackbirds Twitter profile (its employee resource group for African-Americans).