Transport Accident Commission: Ditch the distraction

Date: Apr 2019
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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) teamed up with comedian Sam Simmons to create a walking comedy show to raise awareness of pedestrian safety.

The campaign, created in partnership with the Melbourne international Comedy Festival, saw Simmons take to the streets of Melbourne to provide commentary for show-goers and competition winners.

The Ditch the distraction campaign aimed to highlight the perils of being a pedestrian by showcasing how important it was for pedestrians to ditch the distractions – such as mobile phones and headphones – and pay attention while on the streets.


Client: Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Concept & campaign production: Graffiti Experiential

Comedy production: Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)

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The Lost Ashes by TBWA\MCR

Added 19 September 2019
Agency: TBWA\MCR
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