Visit Seattle: This Holiday, Take a Holiday by PB&

Agency: PB&
Date: Nov 2017
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This new creative campaign from Visit Seattle by Seattle-based creative agency PB& is aimed at encouraging Americans to make use of their time off as we head into the busy (and often stressful) holiday season.

Visit Seattle’s 'This Holiday, Take a Holiday' campaign was informed by new research done in partnership with Project: Time Off; the research found that Americans left 662m vacation days unused in 2016, the equivalent of 54% of all PTO time for American workers (the city of Seattle alone abandons 65,321 hours of paid time off every year).

The campaign was designed to educate the American workforce around the significant harm caused by not using vacation time. Acknowledging how stressful the holidays can be for many folks, the campaign also encourages American workers to seriously consider taking a vacation this holiday and even provides travel recommendations to help them plan a trip.

The campaign spots highlight how easily ‘the little things’ can affect us when we’re stressed at the end of the year after not taking our vacation days.


Principal/chief strategy Officer: Britt Fero

Head of creative content: Pete Anderson

Strategist: Ben Salaman

Art director: Meredith Abbott

Writer: Steve Williams

Production company: Unheardof

Director: Jackie Dow

Editor: Kelly VanderLinda

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