Client: FirstBank
Date: Feb 2018
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In a new campaign by TDA_Boulder for FirstBank - one of the nation’s largest privately-held banks - high fashion models on photo shoots take a pause and confess to the camera, “I make my coffee at home,” “I cut my own hair,” “I buy in bulk” and “I still use my parent’s TV login.” They make saving seem sexy and cool. The spot that will debut locally during the Super Bowl.

TDA_Boulder’s executive creative director Jonathan Schoenberg said: “Our FirstBank spot is juxtaposition of the most fashionable people saying what you would least expect to hear from such glamorous minds and mouths.”

For a generation known for accruing debt and over-spending, research shows that there's actually a large group of 20- and 30-somethings who think it's cool to save. They bring their lunch to work, make coffee at home and always wait for sales. They quietly celebrate the excitement of these small financial wins because other people don't think it's cool to save, but FirstBank does. The campaign kicks off in Colorado, the night of the Super Bowl and out of home will follow in Colorado and Arizona.


Agency Credits:


Art Director: Joe Abruzzo

Copywriter: Daniel Forte

CDs: Jeremy Seibold, Alex Rice

ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg

Producer: Bob Shriber

Dir. of Client Services: Christi Tucay Clark

Account Director: Colleen Callahan

Assistant Account Executive: Martha Powers

Media Director: Samantha Johnson

Media Supervisor: Heather Lee

Strategy Associate: Natasha Berwick


Moxie Pictures

Director: Martin Granger

Exec producer: Karol Zeno

Producer: Heidi Soltesz


Cosmo Street

Editor: Katz

Asst Editor: Jason Overbeck

Exec Producer: Yvette Sears

Producer: Jonlyn Williams



Shelley Altman Head of Production, Partner

Stephan Altman, Creative Director, Partner