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Toy-Rescue by TBWA\Paris

Agency: TBWA\Paris
Date: Dec 2019
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This Christmas there'll be several billion toys purchased, but behind every toy is an ecological disaster with more than two billion toys thrown away around the world every year.

This is because in most cases they can't be repaired, for the simple reason that spare parts don't exist.

To make toys repairable, Dagoma, the European leader in 3D printing, and TBWA\Paris are launching Operation Toy Rescue. Spare parts for toys that didn’t exist till now have been recreated as 3D printable files.

The concept is simple: After listing the most commonly lost or broken parts of the biggest selling toys in the last 40 years, a team of 3D designers modelled and recreated over a hundred spare parts with a 3D scanner.

These 3D replacement part files have been put online at Anyone can go to the site, find the part they need, download it for free and print it. The spare parts can also be made in an eco-responsible way simply by using plant-based filaments.

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