Client: Apple
Date: Sep 2018
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On the heels of that big event, Apple is debuting the new advertising for Apple Watch Series 4. The film, titled ‘Better You,’ depicts a man who is challenged to up his game by fitter, healthier and altogether better versions of himself.

Set to the propelling techno song Toy by Young Fathers, a lazy day on the couch quickly escalates as Apple Watch encourages the man to stand up, take a walk, and go for a run. First, he sees a double of himself in his apartment wearing the watch. The two versions of himself look outside and see another one of him walking and talking on his watch. The three are then seen following a fourth, who has the Apple wireless earbuds and is listening to the title track as he fast walks in a workout. They are passed by another clone, who is running, being challenged by the message on his watch. From there, all of them run to the beach.

As the spot crescendos, another version, in goggles and swimsuit, sprints across the beach on his way to an ocean swim. By helping him become more active, motivated, and connected, Apple Watch Series 4 enables him to make big changes, one step at a time. The tag states: “There’s a better you in you.”