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Warner Bros: Friends New York City pop-up by Superfly

Agency: Superfly
Date: Sep 2019
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The Friends New York City pop-up experience in Manhattan is a museum-like tribute to the show that gave us Ross, Rachael, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe, and there’s plenty for fans to take away, aside from just photos and memories.

It's a trip through the world of Friends, complete with actual memorabilia from the characters to a recreation of the rooms and spaces that brought the iconic show to life, and some cameos by Friends characters.

As fans stroll through the exhibit, they can see items like Phoebe’s guitar, on which she played the song Smelly Cat, Joey’s doctor coat from when he played Dr Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, the couch which would not “pivot” up the stairs, and the turkey Monica wore on her head during the Thanksgiving episode, as well as the ridiculous amount of clothing Joey wore to make fun of Chandler.

Also included are character profiles, a fountain recreation from the opening credits with a couch to practice your umbrella twirling, and a review of Rachael’s hairstyles, which became iconic from the era.

All of the exhibits in the pop-up lead people to the end, where they can choose to buy plenty of exclusive Friends merchandise, from hats and shirts to keychains, games, tote bags socks and turkey head oven mitts. Fans can even purchase food from a Central Perk café with items like Joey’s New York apple pie and Rachael’s oops I dropped the cheesecake.



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