Date: Sep 2018
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Since Columbine, the mantra of many elected officials has been unwavering: “More guns, less gun control.” Following the Parkland massacre last February, President Trump suggested that schools should arm educators - the people we have trusted to teach and care for our children every day. Is this even an idea we need to debate?

Award-winning writer/producer Joel Surnow (24) in collaboration with psychologist Dr. Frank Sergi, director Brendan Gibbons, acclaimed composer Sean Callery and production company Station Film teamed to create this gun safety short film series, "Stop the Madness” and its Call to Action. “Classroom,” “Hallway” and “Teachers Lounge” use absurdity to convey the message and urge viewers to “Vote ‘Em Out,” those politicians running for office in November whose sole agenda it is to prevent any limits on the distribution and use of guns.


Station Film, Production Company

Joel Surnow, Creator/Writer

Frank Sergi, Co-Creator

Brendan Gibbons, Director

Stephen Orent, Managing Partner/EP

Caroline Gibney, Partner/Executive Producer

Nicole Whitaker, Director of Photography

Geoff Clough, Line Producer

Craig Reynolds, Production Designer

Sean Callery, Composer

PS260, Editorial Company

JJ Lask, Editor

Natalie Raffaele, Editorial Producer

Jeff Malen, Mixer [Lime Studios]

Derek Hansen, Colorist [The Mill]