Agency: SomeOne
Date: Jun 2016
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SomeOne launch a new branding strategy with an online experience by 'Else' for Personal Group, one of the UK’s leading brands in employee benefits.

Personal Group has been at the forefront of employee benefits and financial services (insurance, cash plans, rewards and salary sacrifice) for over thirty years. Over that time, their personal approach to tailoring benefits for individuals based on face-to-face advice has been the secret to their success.

Employee benefits are too often seen as complicated and of no real value to the individual. The actual percentage of people who make active use of their benefits is a staggeringly low 20%, so Personal Group see it as their mission to redress that balance.

From this, SomeOne developed a brand strategy focused around ‘Work Happy’ – a mantra that neatly distills the core idea.

As for the identity, a completely fresh approach was needed not only to refocus the group around one thought, but also to align the various sub-brands, platforms and divisions that the group worked with.

SomeOne developed branding based on a smiling face together with a positive golden yellow palette. Yellow is not only the most attention grabbing colour, but is also the colour most associated with happiness.

The smile becomes an integral part of the brand world for PG, appearing also in the word mark for Hapi, PG’s engagement platform and as an ownable element in the extensive icon library for the different services.


Executive Creative Director: David Law