Client: Snapchat
Date: Jun 2021
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During this Pride month, anyone in possession of the new £50 note that features Alan Turing can apply an augmented reality (AR) lens via the Snapchat app, that activates an experience.

The activation will bring the cash to life, allowing the user interact and learn about Turing and his work on the Bombe machine which was used to break German codes in World War 2.

Rather than crack a code, they can simply open up Snapchat, and scan the new polymer £50 note. Upon scanning, Turing and his quote will be highlighted, before the dials of the Bombe start turning from the sketch on the note, and then transforming into the working machine. The dials then change colour to represent the colours of the Pride flag. Finally, Snapchatters are prompted to ‘Learn More’ where they will be forwarded to the Bank of England’s £50 note page.