Client: Skyn
Date: Apr 2020
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Today, porn is the dominant source of sex education for young men, which skews their relationship with sex and their partners. They have a deformed view of reality and give less and less of an importance to listening, the desires of others, and the importance of foreplay.

As a leader in the conversation about intimacy, sexual wellness brand Skyn and its agency, Sid Lee Paris decided to challenge this and use porn to address the problem.

They did so by leveraging voices young people would listen to when it comes to sex advice: the pornstars themselves. Super(porn)stars Stoya and Dale Cooper participated in the campaign which was distributed on Pornhub. The porn site with the most web traffic.

Starting on 16 April, Pornhub viewers will discover a pre-roll ad featuring these 2 pornstars. 2 sensual videos of foreplay shot in 35mm by Sergi Castella (CREAM), in which Stoya and Dale address viewers directly: "You can skip an ad, but you shouldn't skip foreplay". A montage breaking the codes of the category inviting people to take their time.


Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris

President: Johan Delpuech

Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache

Creative Directors: Céline and Clément Mornet Landa

Art Director: Romain Lehur

Copywriter: Julien Sens

Copywriter : Kim Froissant

Head of Production: Thomas Laget

Producer: Marine Redon

Head of Social Media : Alexandre Ponte

Social Media Manager : Jeff Deconchat

Head of Strategy: Bruno Lee

Strategic Planner: Patrice Zamy

Managing Director: Mehdi Benali

Group Account Director: Héloïse Marchal

Account Managers: Trisha Mitra & Paul Pieuchot LifeStyles - SKYN®

Vice President Global Marketing: Matthew Groskorth

Global Marketing Strategy Director: Marta Toth

Global Brand Marketing Manager: Nicolas Woussen

Production : Cream

Director : Sergi Castella

Producer: William Blanc

Line Producer: Boris Briche