Client: Honda
Date: Mar 2019
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Who better to talk about a brand than someone that uses it, who knows it well? Honda Lovers are everywhere, from passionate collectors to daily commuters. So, rather than listing features and pushing the same old marketing buzzwords, Honda Motor Europe handed the mic over to its brand ambassadors.

Together with Sid Lee Paris & Hakuhodo West, the brand is transforming its communication, leaving advertising behind in favor of content created through its fan community. Sid Lee Paris & Hakuhodo West created the 'Grow From Their Love' strategy, an emotional approach which puts the spotlight on the people, not the car, to create a relatable campaign.

For the launch of its first Hybrid SUV, the CR-V Hybrid, Honda Motor Europe introduces this creative territory, with 'The Hybrid You Can Feel' campaign, which uses Honda Lovers to describe to the audience the sensations you get from driving and experiencing this new car model.


Title of campaign: “The Hybrid You Can Feel”

Client: Honda Motor Europe

Head of Marketing and Product Planning: Sandra Hughes

Marketing Communications Manager: Fabrice Estève

European Communications Manager: Jonathan Allee

Agencies: Sid Lee Paris & Hakuhodo West

Sid Lee Paris

Chairman/Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache

President: Johan Delpuech

Managing Director: Bruno Lee

Account Director: Jean-Baptiste Destabeau

Account Manager: Nicolas Boivin

Copywriter: Güllit Baku

Art Director: Ludovic Gontrand

Head of Production: Thomas Laget

Producer: Sophie Megrous, Julia Flusin

Post Producer: Beatrice Cousin

Strategists: Ambroise Soulé

Hakuhodo West

Corporate Officer: Ayami Nakao

Managing Director: Katsui Ryoichi

Strategist: Masahiko Iiyama

Account Director: Ren Masayuki

Account Manager: Chris Lewis

Production Company: Iconoclast

Head of Production: Jean Duhamel

Producers: Annabel Rosier, Sarah Blanc

Director: Manu Cossu

DOP: Mattias Rudh

Post production: Nighshift

Post producer: Paul Créhange

VFX: Mathematics

Sound design: Benzene


Artist: Blackhouse

Title: B.T.N.A.

Label: Monstart

Producers: Momar Diop & Jonathan Ouanounou

Brand content - Production Company: Miles

Head of Production: Eliott Brunet

Producer: Eliott Brunet

Director: Serge Bondt

DOP: César Decharme