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Date: Feb 2019
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This Valentine’s Day, as lovers everywhere proclaim their sentiments for one another, KFC’s Colonel Sanders will be declaring his steadfast affection for his first love – chicken. Earlier this month, the infamous spokesman announced the addition of a ‘Beef Bucket’ to the chain’s poultry-heavy menu.

Some even rallied together to form the Chicken Shield Defenders and two petitions were started to block the menu item.

Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, the Colonel will reveal that the announcement was a hoax. A little ruse to illustrate just how deep his love runs, and how no one should ever second guess his fidelity. The revelation is demonstrated through a short, but effective, film, further proof of how unimaginable, how downright crazy the idea of including beef on the menu is – and to debunk any notion his allegiance will ever waiver. The film starts off showing the alleged new addition to the menu, the beef bucket, which, slowly, explodes. The slow-motion dramatically expelling any ambiguity about the one thing we know for sure about the Colonel – his one true passion is, and always will be, chicken.


Client: KFC France

Chief Marketing Officer Yum! Brands – KFC France: Pascale Laborde

Head of Brand and Advertising: Sophie Lacroix

Brand and Social Media Manager: Celine Leblanc

Agency: Sid Lee Paris

Chairman - Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache

President: Johan Delpuech

Creative Directors: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa

Managing Director: Mehdi Benali

Art Directors: Francis Pluntz, Jessy Kikabou

Account Director: Héloïse Marchal

Account Manager: Camille Caucat

Head of Social Media: Alexandre Ponte

Head of Production: Thomas Laget

Producer: François Brétéché

Production Company: Sid Studio

Director: Yoann Plard

DOP: Alexis Ghnassia

Music Producer: Superpitch

Post Production Company: Sid Studio

Post Producers: François Brétéché, Alexis Ghnassia