Client: Toyota
Date: Feb 2018
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A new social campaign by Toyota lets people know what it’s like to ski down the steepest slopes at over 100 km/hr with only 3% vision. Toyota launched an Instagram account @SeeLikeMenna that takes people on the slopes through the eyes of 18-year-old visually-impaired British Para-Alpine World Cup athlete, Menna Fitzpatrick.

@SeeLikeMenna is designed to take people on Fitzpatrick’s journey as she trains to compete in her first Paralympic Games. A visual impairment filter was created in conjunction with Fitzpatrick and her sighted guide, Jennifer Kehoe, with input from the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London and a team of ophthalmic consultants, to convey the skier’s perception of the world as accurately as possible.

@SeeLikeMenna is part of Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” campaign created in honor of the company’s shift to a mobility company and eight-year worldwide partnership with The International Olympic and Paralympic Committees. “Start Your Impossible” features Olympic and Paralympic athletes and everyday people with messages of inspiration and courage, as well as future technology, all of which work together to humanize mobility.


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Agency: Dentsu Group

Production: Archer's Mark

Client: Toyota