Date: Feb 2020
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Deutsche Telekom has created the ultimate gift for the tech distracted romantic partner this Valentine’s Day, seeking to address the issue of smartphone usage in day to day romantic relationships with the launch of a humorous new product ‘Connected Underwear’.

Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Better Together’ follows the brand’s recent #DABAI 5G campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, highlighting the positive role that technology can play in our everyday lives, if we are more self-aware of how, when & why we use it. This latest campaign aims to facilitate real connections between young couples, sparking conversation around the impact of mobile devices on present moment, in-person relationships.

Research by Deutsche Telekom across European countries (including Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania & The Netherlands) shows that 36% of 18-34 year olds say that they feel their partner spends too much time on mobile devices when they are together with 56% saying that they check their mobile devices at least sometimes when in bed with a romantic partner. A third (33%) of 18-34-year-olds surveyed say that tech has a negative impact on their ability to be intimate with a romantic partner.

The campaign speaks to young couples, using film content and Instagram stories to direct them towards a platform for support, where the brand will be hosting helpful tips on how to ensure mobile devices do not become a barrier to intimacy, from device settings to setting boundaries.

Designed for use when all else fails, Deutsche Telekom has created ‘Connected underwear’, an imaginative & humorous solution to the issue. When used, ‘Connected Underwear’ activates ‘Love Mode’ on the couples smartphones, setting the mood for romance by automatically activating Do Not Disturb mode and playing a romantic playlist.

When first trialled in Germany in Autumn 2019, the limited edition ‘Connected Underwear’ sold out within hours of release.


Creation: Saatchi & Saatchi Europe

Film-Production: Private Island

Director: Chris Boyle

Media: Mindshare, Frankfurt

PR: Proud Robinson + Partners

Music: Wonderkid Sound

App development and tech supplier:

B+D / bplusd interactive GmbH

Interface Design: Marcus Wishöth

Motion Design: Jannick Hauß

Development: Carsten Wilhelm

UX Design: Michaela Halasi