Agency: RGA
Client: Sephora
Date: Aug 2021
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Beauty haven Sephora has launched ‘Black Beauty is Beauty’, a new campaign celebrating the countless Black traditions and inventions that have propagated the beauty trends we all know and love – from stylized baby hairs and cut-crease eyeshadow to glitter and shea butter-based skincare. The campaign is part of the retailer’s broader commitment to advancing racial equity in the beauty and retail sectors.

Popular cosmetics retailer Sephora has today launched a new national ad campaign spotlighting the outsized impact of Black innovations on the world of beauty. The campaign’s hero film ‘Black Beauty is Beauty’ spotlights Black stories, communities and cultural traditions behind popular beauty tools and techniques beloved by people everywhere.

“Many of the trends we all participate in today, including acrylic nails, glitter, contouring and many more have roots in Black culture,” says Sephora’s senior vice-president of marketing and brand Abigail Jacobs. “This is not widely known or celebrated. We believe that knowledge is a powerful tool and as such, as part of Sephora’s overarching diversity and inclusion journey, wanted to leverage our platform and our beauty community to recognize and celebrate Black beauty, and invite everyone to participate in it.”