Date: Sep 2017
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Yorkshire Building Society and creative agency Red Brick Road have launched a press campaign that takes a look at the reasons people are keen to move to a bigger or more suitable home. This is an extension of the ongoing ‘Outgrown’ home movers campaign, promoting Yorkshire Building Society’s home mover mortgages.

Red Brick Road wanted to get across the desperation that people feel when situations outside of their control make living in their home an annoyance, whether that’s the noisy neighbour partying all the time or a lack of space that means they have to sacrifice the things they love.

Using a copy-led route meant that Red Brick Road could help to build a picture to describe situations homeowners find themselves in and show how desperation drives them to consider absurd and irrational solutions to their problems.

The campaign will run for two months across major press publications in the UK.


Nick Mortimer - Head of Marketing and Ecommerce – Yorkshire Building Society

Steven Glass - Senior Manager – Customer Communications – Yorkshire Building Society

Anna Higgins - Customer Acquisition Manager – Yorkshire Building Society

Victoria Hayward - Acquisition Manager – Yorkshire Building Society

Angela Hay - Campaign Manager – Yorkshire Building Society

Richard Megson and Matt Davis – Executive Creative Directors - Red Brick Road

Baz Williamson - Agency Art Director – Red Brick Road

Ben Markey - Agency Copywriter – Red Brick Road

Joe Pirrie - Business Director – Red Brick Road

Louis Collin - Senior Account Manager – Red Brick Road