Date: Jun 2016
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‘Outcast’ is FOX’s new prime time TV show, based on the comic by Robert Kirkman (creator of the hugely successful ‘The Walking Dead’) and artist Paul Azaceta. In June, the show launches globally and we needed to get audiences excited. FOX gave fans a chance to see a previously unrevealed scene from the first issue of Outcast (the comic book).

Based on panels drawn exclusively for us by Paul Azaceta, 12 artworks that revealed the exclusive scene were created by 12 renowned graffiti artists around the world and unveiled over one week. Each artist created one panel that when finally brought together would form the story. Fans could follow the progress as each artwork was created and revealed on and get deeper, immersive content for each city’s event, including artwork in progress photos, a video featurette interviewing the graffiti artist and behind the scenes access to the cast.

As an added incentive to get involved, fans could unlock exclusive geo-location activated content by visiting their city’s artwork, which allowed them to see the exclusive scene from the new series before anyone else. Once the 12th artwork went live on the site, the full scene was revealed as a complete comic book page along with a video with parallax animated effects bringing the whole scene to life.


Creative Director: Ruth Shabi

Art Director: Emma Robinson

Copywriter: Emma Robinson

Additional Credits: Katrina Howell (Digital Creative director); Bharat Trivedi (Technical Director); Francesca Chang (Account Director)