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Instrument of Hope by Publicis New York

Date: Apr 2019
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The Instrument of Hope, a trumpet crafted of bullet casings by survivors of the 2018 Parkland school shooting, is on a cross-country tour with famed musicians to revitalize the conversation around gun violence. The trumpet is a project of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, ShineMSD and Publicis New York.

ShineMSD is a non-profit organization founded in the aftermath of the shooting, which uses the arts to promote healing for the Parkland community.

The trumpet began its “tour” in Oakland, California, on February 19, 2019. The trumpet has since been played by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Keyon Harrold, and Brian Newman in New York City and Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan. Glen Friedman performed The National Anthem on the trumpet April 3 to open the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics basketball game. The latest performance was on April 6 by Amos Lee at the Met Philadelphia. There is no formal schedule for the tour. The goal is that the trumpet will be passed from artist-to-artist for the foreseeable future. When the tour does sunset, the Instrument of Hope will find a permanent home at the ShineMSD organization in Parkland, Florida.

ShineMSD students previously wrote and performed an original song on CNN in 2018, but a year later they believe discussions about gun violence have begun to fade. Working with students, their parents, and famed instrument maker Josh Landress in New York City, ShineMSD created the trumpet earlier this year. ShineMSD collaborated with leading advertising agency Publicis New York to bring the Instrument of Hope creative initiative to life.

ShineMSD is hoping more artists volunteer to help spread the word of gun violence by incorporating Instrument of Hope performances in their concert and tour schedules. ShineMSD students have used social media to engage with followers of artists who have featured the trumpet to date, spreading the message that the arts can heal, and we all have a stage on which we can support a message. The public can help promote the trumpet and the message by using the hashtag #InstrumentOfHope, requesting the trumpet from, or by interacting with their favorite bands that play the trumpet during concerts.


Client: ShineMSD

Campaign Title: Instrument of Hope

Agency: Publicis New York

Chief Creative Officer: Andy Bird

Executive Creative Director: Matt McKay

Creative Directors: Justin Via, Daniel Massih, Josh Horn

Associate Creative Director: Fabio Ozorio

Copywriter: Chris Wilson

Art Director: Eduardo “Dudu” Gomes

Creative Director of Design: Patrik Bolecek

Designer: Halli Rosin, Elizabeth Kenney, Spencer Chan

Strategy Director: Emily Canan


Music Producer: Rachel Rauch

Executive Producer, Production: Lauren Schneidmuller

Program Management:

Director, Program Management: Anna Fung

Senior Program Manager: Ron Jervis

Program Manager: James Cloughen

Website Development:

Senior Brand Logistics Manager: Rich Gladis

Platform Developer: Don Wang

Project Coordinator: Melanie Jarcaig

Director of Technology: Carlos Batista

Quality Assurance Analyst: Nidhi Murthy

Interactive Developer: Don Bui

Experience Designer: Shannon Andeel

Account Supervisor: Ayesha Khara

Photographers: John Tyler Donathan, Tiago Chediak

Videographers: Dexter Brierley, Joe Fusco, Tom Van Scoyoc, David Dougherty

Editorial /Production Company: Nice Pixels

Editor: Marc Lagana, Kevin Curran

Post Production Director: Elisa Gougoux

Producer: Kathryn Lemke, Maria Marmol

Audio Record & Mix: Nice Pixels

Sound Design: Nice Pixels


Janice Snook, janice & associates pr