Date: Nov 2020
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London-based fashion and lifestyle brand will be using its platform to “sell” the top 10 ocean polluters on Black Friday 2020. The project aims to raise awareness of the effects of overconsumption on earth's oceans and contribute proceeds to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.

By 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish, predicts a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF). The report projects the oceans will contain at least 937m tons of plastic and 895m tons of fish by 2050. Part of the reason is that plastic use has increased 20-fold in the last 50 years, and it's continuing to rise.

Public Fibre has conducted this independent initiative to support The Ocean Cleanup in removing plastic from the seas, by raising funds to support the non-profit organisations' work. The project also serves as a call to action for consumers, shining a light on the ongoing issue of overconsumption and the unnecessary contributions of plastic and non-recyclable waste created by product packaging on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

'Buy More Rubbish' uses the platform to raise funds and awareness for The Ocean Cleanup. The sustainable premium retailer will be “selling” the most commonly discarded items found in our oceans, including food wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, straws, glass bottles, aluminium cans, 4 pack plastic rings, tyres and 2020's new necessity, the face mask