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Haunting London website launch by Phantom

Agency: Phantom
Date: Apr 2019
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Phantom haunted London's creative industry in an eerily targeted PR campaign to announce a new site and rebrand.

The challenge: How can we announce our new site, and create more industry fame for Phantom?

The idea: Using live guerilla projections, and playful 3D animations created entirely in-house at Phantom, the agency brought its iconic, spooky logo to life to haunt the streets of London and get the creative industry to take notice.

In the dead of night, the spectre "visited" some of London’s leading media outlets and creative landmarks – including industry publications like The Drum, D&AD, and the Tate Modern – playfully dancing on their rooftops and weaving through their windows.

The live projections were captured in a series of short films directed by Max McCabe, and shared online with all the organisations targeted to launch

The result: The film was used in press releases and on social, to support the site launch and create more buzz around the rebrand. 'Haunting London' has since been nominated for The Webby Awards.

Phantom has successfully haunted its way into a global spotlight.


Creative director

Jamie Nicholl

Creative lead

Lisa Berenson


Daniele Buffa

3D Animation

Ollie Barbieri and Gary Li

Projection Operator

Media Gang Projections

Production company

Compulsory Viewing

Director / Editor

Max McCabe


Kadri Mahmoud