PebblePost: Travel Postcard Campaign by PebblePost

Agency: PebblePost
Client: PebblePost
Date: Nov 2017
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It’s important for travel brands to connect with consumers directly — at all phases of the travel planning journey. To take travelers from looking to booking, marketers need to transform those lean-in moments on digital into tangible, personal messages that convert.

PebblePost’s programmatic direct mail platform helps marketers recapture online interest via a timely, relevant, physical mail piece — delivered in-home. To break into the travel vertical and increase brand awareness, PebblePost created a custom marketing campaign featuring a series of 'postcards about postcards.' The goal was to speak directly to travel marketers using a trusted, tangible format they could relate to.

The design offers a playful take on the traditional vacation postcard by reinterpreting common travel themes in a modern, digital light — much like the product itself. The messaging was tied to the familiar travel motif, “Wish you were here.” In this instance, “here” represents the home — the place where consumers can comfortably consider the brand’s message and take action on their terms, at their convenience.


Jim Price, VP Sales, Travel, PebblePost

Celeste Giampetro, VP Marketing, PebblePost

Katie Rogers, Senior Marketing Manager, PebblePost

Jessica Jaffe, Creative Director, PebblePost