Agency: Peanut
Client: Peanut
Date: Mar 2022
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Peanut, an online community that connects women throughout all life stages, has launched its first ever out-of-home (OOH) campaign to highlight the difficult realities some people face on Mother’s Day – which can often serve as a reminder of the complexities of fertility, infant loss or even coming to terms with motherhood.

According to the app, three in every five women find the day emotionally triggering, and Peanut aims to do its part in helping these people realize they are not alone and validate their feelings.

Developed in-house, the campaign copy has been inspired by real posts within the Peanut community. Some of the posts read: “To the woman fighting back tears when she walks past the baby aisle, you’re not alone.” and “To the woman struggling to love her post-baby body, you’re not alone. “