Date: Oct 2017
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Virgin Holidays is publicising its plan to become ‘one of the friendliest LGBT companies in travel’ with the release of a new film, which imagines a world in which a straight couple on honeymoon are faced with the discrimination LGBTQ+ partners regularly endure while on holiday.

Created by One Green Bean and released in partnership with media brand Attn, the spot follows our protagonists as they go about the usual tropes of holidaying in sunnier climes: helping one and other apply sun cream, lounging in a Jacuzzi and hiring bikes.

Their holiday is marred, however, by the attitudes of the resort staff and fellow guests around them. They’re either referred to by strangers as somewhat of a novelty (“You must the fun, straight couple at the resort!”) or are downright discriminated against – being asked not to kiss at a restaurant and being laughed at by the bellboy.